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“What do we make, and for whom? Always looking toward the next stage.”

Functional Products Development Section

Centered on functional materials, we develop and provide materials that offer convenience, comfort and other forms of added value.
We assist our customers by applying our extensive track record and experience in such areas as new product development and the enhancement of existing product functions and designs. Many of the hints leading to new product development are evident in everyday activities.
By observing people’s behaviors, we interpret inherent needs and work to deliver to our customers functional materials that offer comfort and convenience.
We are a company that designs functions.

消臭&抗菌性効果に優れた デオドラントネーム ® デオドラントネーム ® デオドランネーム ® デオドランテープ ®

FEATURE1Deodrant effect od DEODORANT label.


  • □ This is deodorant label using a laminated film which has been developed by new technology (Trade Mark and Utility Right for New Design   were applied).
  • □ DEODORANT label is composed of the minute paericles of natural ingredient and silver ingredient which can decrease the bad smell ingre  dients by absorbing and neutralizing the bad smells of neighboring space. A special films is made from these materials in kneading them into  aresin and this films is laminated onto the reverse side of a label.
  • □ The minute particles can contact with the wide area of the bad smell gas because they are dispersed uniformly in the resin. Thus, a thin film  made from this resin can realize deodorant and flexibility.
  • □ This deodorant aqent can be used for all kinds of the materials of woven and print labels without damaqing the textures.
  • □ As the ingredients of the materials are kneaded into a film, the effect can be still maintained after washing and dry cleaning.
  • □ As a flexible polyurethane film is used, the laminated film is also very flexible.
  • □ Silver ingredient also has an antibacterial effect and it can stop the increase of Staphylococcus Aureus on a label.

Deodorant effect of DEODORANT Label

Discomfort smell

The test institures use the next listed chemical substan-ces to evaluate the effect of the removal of bad smells.
This label is effective on the next bad smells - Ammonia, Acetic Acid, Isovaleric Acid.
It is most effective on the worst smell Ammonia generated in daily life.

繊維評価技術協議会:加工技術Vol.38, No.4(2003)

FEATURE2Antibacterial effect of DEODORANT label.


Silver has been used for tableware and chopstick since the medieval period and it is known that water in a silver vessel does not rot.
A few percent mixture of silver has antibacterial effect.

Mechanism of silver antibacterial

  • Plus ion of silver stops the increase of Staphylococcus Aur - eus
    stuck onto a label and prevents the generation smells.

  • □ Antibacterial test

    Silver inside label is liquating out gradually at the watery environment The liquated silver exists in plus ion in the from of Ag+. This Ag+ is drawn near to the negatively charged bacteria surface and it enters cell. The invaded Ag+ combines with enzyme and stops the increase of cells destroying the metabolism.Though silver changes its color, the antibacterial effect does not change.

Evaluates irritarion to the skin

According to the patch test on the skin, DEODORANT film is judged as "2B" by JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR UTANEOUS HEALTH. The patch test on the skin by Kawai method evaluates irritation to the skin.

※Above states the effect of Deodorant label and Deodoran tape.
It does not bear the responsibility for the confirmation of efficacy and the contents of the sales display of the actual garments with attaching these labels and tapes.
The degree of sensing the components of smells like perspiration and deodorizing effects is depending on each individuals.


  • □ Static electricity mitigation material
  • □ A cool feeling material

防カビシール Anti-Mold Sticker

What is Anti-Mold Sticker

Anti-bacterial, Anti-Mold Sticker made from safe natural ingredients.
Active ingredients included in foods such as Mustard Essential oil and Grape Seed Essential oil directly effects on molds.
General dessicant(Ilike silica gel)only removes moisture which is the cause of molds, but when it comes to Anti-Mols Sticker active ingredients directly effects on molds and keep them off for a long period of time.

寒い季節のいやなパチッ!を防ぐ 静電気軽減素材 アンスタット

What is Anstat?

Anstat is a material with an excellent antistatic effect. It is made from special conductive fibers woven into the surface layer of fabric

Antistatic effect of Anstat

With Anstat, electrostatic charge is eliminated mainly by the charge-neutralizing ability of corona discharge and the transfer and dissipation of charges (grounding effect). When two different materials are rubbed together and then separated, they will be positively or negatively charged. When Anstat is used under such conditions, the surrounding air will become ionized into positive or negative ions which then move toward the oppositely-charged body, thus neutralizing the electric charges. This is how the corona discharge effect occurs.

Mechanism of corona discharge

Electrostatic-charged object
  1. Electrostatic force lines radiating from the electrostatic-charged body converge to the conductive part.
  2. A strong electric field is formed around the conductive part.
  3. (3) The strong electric field causes the surrounding air to be ionized into positive and negative ions.
  4. The oppositely-charged ions are attracted to the electrostatic-charged object, neutralizing the electrostatic charge.
  5. The ions remaining around the conductive part then move to the grounding body and are neutralized.

Experiment using a Van de Graaff generator (electrostatic generator)