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Expanded the production ability of the environment-friendly transfer mark in China.

We established "KS HEAR TRANSFER LABELS CO.,LTD." as a joint company with San Ei Chemical Co., Ltd. which headquarters located in Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture.
We produce and supply transfer marks, "KSLUSTER" which can promise safety and security with ecological water-based materials under the control of Japanese excellent technologies and quality control. We will support to shorten customer's delivery times and cost reduction of customer.
We have various in-house laboratories for quality control. In addition, we will give a customer full support including technical training and advice of heat transfer technologies for the local factories.


  • We produce and supply our products with the same quality as made in Japan.
    We produce our products with the apparatus to be used, the materials and the inks ,according to the Japanese quality standards.
  • We implement a safe, secure and prior inspection according to the Japanese quality standards at our factories in China.
    [ Resistance to washing, Adhesive property, Sublimability, Easy detachability, Formalin, Resistance to friction (dry/wet)]
    *Other examination items: we will exam at domestic and international public institutions depends on a customer needs and a use of the label.
  • We produce our products with a stable quality by safe production management system and always keep to a delivery date.
  • Our transfer marks are used with a water-based ink which is human-friendly, earth-friendly and environment-friendly.

◎The merit of a water-based ink is environment-friendly.
There is no impact to human body through the improvement of the working environment in our factories.
We tend to shift to a water-based ink due to tightening of the environment standards in Europe and United States.


  • We will evaluate quickly an appropriate textile about the condition of transfer mark in our factories in Japan or in China.
  • We have a business meeting with a customer in Japan and produce the products at our factory in China smoothly, taking advantage of our network.
  • We can ship a product packing with other accessory materials.


  • We promise to assign a person in charge of the technical advice for transfer processing and response to your inquiries. The staff will support for you quickly and totally.

We can sell a transfer machine and peripherals.

We also maintenance after selling them and follow up after supplying the labels.