Management Concept


Our company performs in business of planning, manufacturing and sales of the accessory materials for brand indication including woven, in accordance with the concept of "brand packaging" which can support differentiation of your product planning. Consequently, we will contribute to realize the sustainable society.

*Brand Packaging:is a coined word means "a total solution to offer products and services for protection and enhancement of a brand value".


  • Identification
    We believe to live true to oneself is the proof of one's existence and establishment of the identity, that is self-realization.
    We aim to be a company, which is a stage where each employee can realize their personality and potential on, and achieve self- realization on, which is an organization that employee can admire, respect and be thankful each other.
  • Impression
    People find out a value in deep impression. Art and culture have a formless value which makes an impression on people. We aim to enhance the product value and to emotionally move on people when they encounter a commodity. We will be honest in business and give an impression. Our motive power is appreciative words of "thank you".
  • Creation
    Each employee of our company continues to work creatively in original ways, therefore we are anxious to create something new to product value.
  • Contribution
    Each employee of our company harmonizes with each other in an altruistic manner across difference of gender, nationality, religion and race. In addition, we are anxious to contribute the regional community through the pursuit of fair profit and economic revitalization.
    We aim to be a company which has a good will as an organization in order to be happy with physically and spiritually. We will do our best for our business development, in order that all of our employee, our associated companies and customers may have a sustainable life and be able to work with pride and satisfaction.